Blom Singer - Classic Indwelling Voice Prostheses

Since its introduction in 1994, the Blom-Singer Classic Indwelling voice prosthesis has been a premier voice restoration product for laryngectomees worldwide. Like the ADVANTAGE Indwelling voice prosthesis, the Classic indwelling is intended for laryngectomees who are unable or reluctant to perform the routine removal and insertion necessary for the cleaning and maintenance of traditional, patient-maintained voice prostheses. The Classic Indwelling voice prosthesis is clinician placed; it is inserted and replaced on an as needed basis by a speech pathologist or physician only. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles.
Classic Indwelling Voice Prostheses

  • Now available STERILE in two diameters: 16 Fr. and 20 Fr.
  • Secondary Placement Kit and Patient Care Kit included with each package.
  • New packaging consolidation of the 20 Fr. Indwelling voice prosthesis.
    (The former Starter Kit, Replacement Kit, and Sterile Kit have been consolidated into one Sterile Kit.)

Introducing the FIRST ever 16 Fr. Indwelling Voice Prosthesis!

According to Eric D. Blom, Ph.D.,* he considers the use of a 16 Fr. Indwelling voice prosthesis in the following circumstances:
  • As the initial voice prosthesis following tracheoesophageal puncture.
  • Patients who have questionably healthy tracheoesophageal wall tissue, i.e., post-radiation or chemo-radiation therapy, poorly controlled diabetes, or others in who dilating the puncture to 20 Fr. or larger seems unwarranted.
  • Patients with a smaller diameter tracheostoma that will not comfortably accommodate a 20 Fr. or larger diameter prosthesis.
  • Patients with a thin tracheoesophageal wall, i.e., 6mm or less.
Eric D. Blom, Ph.D. of Head & Neck Surgery Associates, Indianapolis, has many years of clinical experience in Surgical Voice Restoration. According to Dr. Blom, a 16 Fr. Indwelling Voice Prosthesis should only be used in a 16 FR. diameter Tracheoesphageal Puncture.

CLASSIC Indwelling Voice Prostheses – Sterile Series – Rx

Includes sterile voice prosthesis for primary, secondary, or replacement procedures. A Secondary Placement Kit, nonsterile, is included containing inserter, flange introducer, gel caps and lubricant. A Patient Care Kit, nonsterile, is included with each package. Note: The 20 Fr. Classic Indwellling has an optional gel cap loading tool that is available separately: Special 11-260-01.

Size 16 FR. 20 FR.
4mm IN1604-S *
6mm IN1606-S IN2006-S
8mm IN1608-S IN2008-S
10mm IN1610-S IN2010-S
12mm IN1612-S IN2012-S
14mm IN1614-S IN2014-S
16mm IN1616-S *
18mm IN1618-S IN2018-S
20mm IN1620-S *
22mm IN1622-S IN2022-S

These sizes are available nonsterile only. Please see Indwelling Voice Prostheses , Special Lengths Available sterile February 2007.

Secondary Placement Kit


CLASSIC Accessories – Nonsterile

The Classic indwelling voice prosthesis accessories provide users with comfort, safety and convenience during the routine care and daily maintenance of the prosthesis.

REF Description  
IN4059 16 Fr. Cleaning Brush, 3 ea** Rx
IN4050 Flushing Device, 3 ea  
IN4069 16 Fr. Plug Insert** Rx
BK2099 20 Fr. Plug Insert Rx

20 Fr. Indwelling Valved Insert

(fits sizes 8mm to 25mm, 20 Fr. CLASSIC)

SPECIAL 11-260-01 20 Fr. Indwelling Gel Cap Insertion Kit
(fits 20 Fr. CLASSIC Indwelling only)
BE3190 Replacement Round Gel Caps, 16 Fr., 90 ea Rx
BE3290 Replacement Round Gel Caps, 20 Fr., 90 ea Rx

Special Options

We are dedicated to providing the following voice restoration products that accommodate special anatomical needs (as determined by the medical professional). Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Blom-Singer CLASSIC Indwelling Voice Prostheses, 20 Fr. – Nonsterile
Special Order Products

Large Flange Rx

REF Size
IN2004-LEF 4mm
IN2005-LEF 5mm
IN2006-LEF 6mm
IN2008-LEF 8mm
IN2010-LEF 10mm
IN2012-LEF 12mm
IN2014-LEF 14mm

Special Lengths Rx

REF Size
IN2004-SL 4mm
IN2005-SL 5mm
IN2007-SL 7mm
IN2009-SL 9mm
IN2011-SL 11mm
IN2013-SL 13mm
IN2016-SL 16mm
IN2020-SL 20mm
IN2025-SL 25mm

Increased Resistance Rx

REF Size
IN2006-IR 6mm
IN2008-IR 8mm
IN2010-IR 10mm
IN2012-IR 12mm
IN2014-IR 14mm
IN2018-IR 18mm
IN2022-IR 22mm
IN2025-IR 25mm
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