Blom Singer - Laryngectomy Supplies for Daily Stoma Care

Laryngectomy Needs Kit

The discreet black travel bag comes with a small, two-face mirror (one face magnifying), a flex light with collar clip, 5" straight forceps for daily cleaning, saline solution vials for irrigating the stoma, Norisc™ antimicrobial wipes, PDI® alcohol prep pads, and a white cloth stoma cover.
The PK1000 also comes with the CD 8000 patient demonstration CD by Richard Crum, InHealth consultant and experienced laryngectomee. The stylish travel bag allows ample room for other personal supplies and allows many personal stoma care items to be kept always on hand. (PK1000)

Laryngectomy Lighted Mirror

This new chrome lighted 5x magnification mirror from Conair® will replace the recently discontinued BE5 mirror that InHealth previously carried. Ideal for daily stoma care, the BE16 mirror also has various settings for light intensity, and provides illumination that resembles evening, home, office, and daylight. The magnification ensures that the reflection of the stoma area is large and clear. The neck of the mirror angles easily to suit individual patient preference. Mirror Dimensions: 9.5"H x 5.5"W. (BE18LC)

Personal Alarm with Flashlight

Added security and confidence in being able to communicate an emergency, regardless of whatever problem arises, is a large and important concern. The pocket size Personal Alarm provides three important functions for emergency situations: an alarm siren, a flashing light, and a flashlight. The 105 decibel siren is simply activated by pulling the ripcord, while the flashing light to attract attention begins at the touch of a button. The statement “My larynx has been operated on and I am unable to speak. I need HELP immediately.” is clearly printed on the device for responding personnel. Ideal for travel or when away from home. 9V battery included. (BE 7800)

Zelco® Flexlight

This flashlight has a unique long reaching flexible neck to provide bright light where needed and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This clip-on feature allows it to be used hands-free. Extra bulb included, requires two AAA batteries.


Less than an ounce and only three inches in length, this suprisingly bright light is a perfect travel companion for on-the-go stoma care comes with one AAA battery.

REF Description
K3A012 one each

Blom-Singer Foam Stoma Protectors

A simple, temporary (disposable) solution to the problem of keeping debris our of the stoma. These foam stoma protectors come with an adhesive strip on one edge for easy attachment and access to the stoma to occlude for speech with a voice prosthesis, or for coughing.

BE6200 White, 2.4" L x 2.0" W 30 pk
BE6210 White, Thick, 2.4" L x 2.0" W 30 pk
BE6215 Tan, 2.4" L x 2.0" W 30 pk
BE6220 Tan, Large, 2.7" L x 2.7" W 30 pk

Simply Saline™ Sterile Mist

Moisturizes and clears congestion, does not burn, sting or harm delicate tissues. Naturally pure and preservative free, contains a sterile solution of 0.9% sodium chloride and purified water.

REF Description
B2915 Simply Saline, Moisturizer 1.5 fl. oz.
B2916 Simply Saline, Sinus & Allergy  
1.5 fl. oz.

Note: Due to Air Safety Standards, orders containing Simply Saline (B2915 & B2916) will be shipped via Ground (5 to 7 business days).

Unit Dose Saline Solution

.9% sodium chloride. Each vile contains 15ml of sterile saline solution and is free of chemicals or preservatives that could irritate the trachea. Carefully spray into stoma to aid in secretion removal and hydration.

REF Description
SA0908 Box of 8
SA0924 Box of 24

Vicks® Personal Steam Inhaler

By loosening mucus an phlegm from your respiratory tract, this humidifier allows you to breathe easily and naturally for quick and soothing relief. Comfortable hood adapts to the stoma region and allows cool air to enter and mix with the steam . Includes steam inhalant pad with eucalyptus. Dual voltage and compact size make it ideal for travel.

REF Description
V1200 One each


Inhalant Pads Used with the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, each pad is specifically designed to work with the natural steam generated by the inhaler to gradually release soothing aromatic vapors.

REF Description
KMP-6 Box of 6

Purell Hand Sanitizer

A convenient way to supplement routine handwashing to maintain clean contact from hand to stoma. Helps reduce the risk on infections. Leaves no residual fragrance or harmful residue. Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. Non-Toxic and Dye-free. Aquell™ Moisturizing System moisturizes hands. No rinsing required. No towels needed.

REF Description
17580 4 oz bottle

3M™ MicroPore™

Tape Hypoallergenic and porous, 3M™ MicroPore™ Tape is gentle to the skin. This tape provides the ability to quickly fix a leak that may occur periodically in tracheostoma attachment. 3M Tape is also convenient for taping a voice prosthesis strap to the neck.

REF Description
BE 6056 1" Roll
BE 6057 5" Roll

Blom-Singer Shower Guard – Rx

A one-piece plastic right angle shower guard shields stoma for water. Comes with a housing and 30 double-sided adhesive tape discs. The Shower Guard is not intended for swimming.

REF Description
BE6048 One each

Rubber Shower Collar

Carefully designed to protect the stoma, this shower collar goes on and off in seconds. Comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to fit most necks. Made from a lightweight medically approved vinyl, it remains soft, pliable and most of all, comfortable. The Shower Collar is not intended for swimming.

REF Description
BE6058 One each

Nylon Shower Collar

Designed to protect the Stoma during showering, this light-weight collar is made of PVC and Nylon. Adjustable Velcro strap allows for easy, soft, and comfortable placement around the neck. The shower Collar is not intended for swimming.

REF Description
BE6068 One each

Cloth Stoma Protectors

A discreet and comfortable way to cover the stoma for men and women. Looks like a shirt and slips easily under other layers of clothing. Made of soft 50/50 blend, it washes well and fits most neck sizes.

REF Description
BE6201 White
BE6211 Red
BE6221 Blue
BE6231 Light Blue
BE6241 Yellow
BE6251 Black
BE6261 Grey
BE6271 Green
BE7201 Eggshell
BE7211 Navy
BE7221 Brown
BE7231 Burgundy
BE7241 Tan

Forceps (Tweezers)

High-quality stainless steel surgical forceps aid in the cleaning of hard to reach areas in and around the stoma. Available Angled or Straight.

REF Description U/M
15-143 6 ¼" Angled One each
BE6028 5" Straight One each

Norisc® Antimicrobial Liquid Soap

This cleanser provides an easy way for clinicians and laryngectomees to help avoid contamination passed from hand to device. Antimicrobial ingredients Triclosan and Nonoxynol-9 effectively remove gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The gentle formula of moisturizers, humectrants and emollients leave skin healthy, soft and silky smooth. This nontoxic, non-irritating formula contains no dyes and no perfumes.

REF Description
10808 8 oz (237ml) pour
10816 16 oz (474ml) pump

Norisc® Germicidal Towelettes

These towelettes are a convenient way for laryngectomees to maintain clean contact from hand to device. Rinseless formula offers the same benefits as the antimicrobial soap, yet it is perfect for travelling or when standard hand-washing facilities are not available. Towelettes are enriched with Aloe Vera. Moisturizes as it cleans.

REF Description
10903 30 per box


Cream Scientifically formulated with Triclosan and Nonoxynol-9, Ca-Rezz Cream ensures a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier, protecting against bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Vitamins A, D, & E create a gentle, healing formula that leaves the skin feeling healthy and soft. Allantoin and lanolin protect and soothe skin tissue, offering quick relief to sore, sensitive areas.

REF Description
10204 4 oz. (120g) tube


For the relief of dry mouth and throat, this natural product is derived from the Yerba Santa plant, which mimics saliva. Provides two to five hours of relief and has a pleasant citrus taste while combating dry mouth and throat for laryngectomees. Pleasant tasting, sugar-free, alcohol-free, low in sodium, non-prescription, and safe to swallow. Available in two convenient sizes, 2 oz. and 8 oz. spray.

REF Description
098-02 2 oz. bottle
098-08 8 oz. bottle

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