LABEX Inspiration Electrolarynx

Inspiration Electrolarynx

Inspiration brings the most desired option for laryngectomee – speak with intonation. The control is very intuitive – sliding a finger up/down the touch panel changes the tone.
There are 5 different modes in how the movement of the finger changes the tone or the volume. This unique ability to allow intuitive change of intonation while speaking is invaluable for musicians, artists, people who often speak in front of an audience, and all who want the maximum of life.
This device is more of just a speaking tool, thus more efforts could be required to become fluent in the usage of its capabilities. It is worth the time spent for sure. Anyway, you could use it like a long-speech casual electrolarynx, too.

The most advanced electrolarynx on the market

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Labex Inspiration Electrolarynx

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