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Montgomery® Salivary Bypass Tube

To stent repair of cervical esophageal and hypopharyngeal strictures, to prevent fistulae or facilitate the management of fistulae resulting from a variety of causes including surgery, radiation, advanced malignancy, trauma, and ingestion of caustic agents.
The constant bathing by saliva around the tissues altered by surgery, infection, or radiation therapy is a prime factor in hindering the progress of healing and fistula closure.
The Montgomery® Salivary Bypass Tube directs the saliva into the distal esophagus and allows for spontaneous closure of the fistula, or at least permits the tissue to recover sufficiently to be an improved recipient for more formidable measures such as repair using pedicled skin flap tissue.
A feeding tube may be inserted through the salivary bypass tube. Impending fistulae and strictures may be prevented by tube placement alone or following bougienage dilation.
Product Code Product Description
Salivary Bypass Tube 16mm, clear
Salivary Bypass Tube 18mm, clear
Salivary Bypass Tube 20mm, clear

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